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No fear!

This is my latest US Tank Company that I´ve designed. I´m going to use it in our next tournaments, one this weekend and the other one in June. The idea of making this list was taking my usual 7th Armored one step beyond. That list had these platoons

  • HQ 1iC Easy 8 + 2iC Jumbo CT 
  • 1 platoon with 1 M4A3 Late + 1 Jumbo + 2 M4 76mm CT 
  • platoon with 1 M4A3 Late + 1 Jumbo + 2 Easy 8 CT 
  • platoon with 6 M4 105mm CT 
  • platoon with 5 Stuarts CT 
  • platoon with  3 mortars CT 
  • platoon with Cavalry recon CV

The reason of fielding these platoons was, first of all, having all of them being made by tanks. Then, having, at least, two platoons that mix 76mm guns with one Jumbo, one light platoon that can run and flank medium tanks, one that could deal with infantry. To complete it, some mortars and recce. This was my standard list when Blood, Guts and Glory appeared. That book was, for maybe a year, the reference book for all the armored forces, leaving far behind my beloved 2nd Armored from Overlord/Turning Tide.

But some months ago Battlefront released Bridge at Remagen, probably the last big book about US troops in Late until the release of the Pacific front. With Remagen came some new funny toys, such as the Pershings or the engineering tanks. The Pershings could be one or up to five Pershings or the lonely Super Pershing, maybe an unbeteable tank to any German tank, with the excpetion of the Kingtiger or Jadgtiger. 

Hello. My name is Super Pershing. You killed the Shermans. Prepare to die

The engineering tanks are a perfect add-on to our armored companies, specially when facing minefields or maybe dug in infantry. Now there's a solution, fielding the classics british Sherman Crabs, rollers such as the Soviet T34, or Shermans Crocodiles, with the same flamethrower as the british beast, but with a standard Sherman 75mm. These tanks also makes the company Always Attack, something that I always love.

So, the point was, how can I take that one CT to a new RV. Well, some changes were easy, some not.

  • HQ 1iC Jumbo RV of the 3th 
  • 1 platoon with 3 M4 76mm RV and a 105 RV 
  • 1 Super Pershing with Tank Escorts CV  
  • 1 platoon with 4 Shermans 75mm lanzallamas CT 
  • 1 platoon with 4 Chaffees RV  
  • 1 platoon with 2 Mortars RV 
  • 1 platoon Recce dismounted (with a 3+ salvation when riding on tanks) RV 
  • And also P47 Thunderbolt with rockets, perfect to hunt KT and JT.
I bring you fire!!!
So, adding the Jumbo to the Super Pershing I can launch a frontal attack, but I also have two "running" platoons, with the 76mm and the Chaffees to flank (being serious, failry better than the Stuarts), air support to blew big cats and pinning the enemy artillery, and flamethrowers making them Always Attack and bring some heat to the enemy! No fear!

Here comes a new month and with it, despite the various endless fronts that I have open, there is one front whose countdown has already begun. It's the German Early-war army that I'm going to field in Prague at 2015 ETC.

I have to paint, until August starts, a whole mechanized list, full of infantry, tanks, artillery and even an aircraft. Neither more nor less. 5 months, 6 platoons. There will time be to make something cool? I hope so! As 'someone' said...

I'll paint during the week, I'll paint during the weekends, I'll paint at holidays and at weekends.
I'll paint tirelessly... I'll never surrender!

Dude, why don't you apply some higlights over there?

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